Most know Jimi Hendrix by his fiery guitar solos and flashy stage antics. This can make it easy to overlook the brilliance of his rhythm guitar playing. Using double stops, intervals, spread voicings, open strings, and other techniques, Hendrix created rhythm guitar parts that are equally as interesting as his lead work. In this lesson I will show you five licks that teach different techniques Jimi Hendrix uses in his rhythm playing.

The first lick is a “Foxy Lady” inspired two bar rhythm pattern. The first two beats are played very aggressively. I use both hands to mute the strings in between and strike the muted strings before the fretted notes.

The second lick embellishes double stops with hammer-ons and pull-offs. This kind of idea is very useful because it is so easy to move between different chords.

The third lick uses more hammer-on/pull-off embellishments. This one uses triads instead of double stops. In this lick I also use another common Hendrix rhythm guitar technique of using your thumb to fret the low E string.

The fourth lick is more embellishments, double stops, and fretting the low string with your thumb.

The last lick uses a spread sus2 voicing like Hendrix uses in the song “Castles Made of Sand”. Strum all six strings while muting the A and G string with your fretting hand.

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