Online Session Guitar Tracks

Wes Theobald works as an online session guitarist and is now available to record on your musical project! Whether you are a songwriter, producer, band, or composer, Wes can deliver professional level guitar recordings that can fit any budget or deadline. Online session guitar tracks are much more convenient and affordable compared to traditional studio sessions. You do not have to deal with booking studio time or finding and organizing musician and engineer schedules. All you have to do is send a reference track via email. Shortly after you will receive high quality guitar tracks to import seamlessly into your DAW session.

Online session guitar features:

  • High quality guitar recordings for your song

  • Get tracks with both electric and acoustic instruments

  • Affordable prices to fit most budgets

  • Tracks finished by any deadline

For those in the Southern California area, Wes is also available for in person sessions. Contact for more information.

Recording Method

Contact to get started!