This week I did a video on another staple of a country guitarist’s repertoire, Terry Fell’s Truck Driving Man. Like the two previous lessons on Folsom Prison Blues and Working Man Blues, Truck Driving Man only uses three simple chords I IV V. This makes it a perfect country jam song! This song gets played in many different keys so for the purpose of this lesson I chose to do it in G since I’ve already done lessons in E and A.

The first lick begins with a single note run. At full tempo, I tend to play this kind of 8th note line with a lot of hammer ons and pull offs. In addition to being easier to play clean consistently, I find that I like the sound of the slurs more than when I pick everything. Then last bar of the lick uses hybrid picked double stops. The A note on the D string is picked lightly and is more there for the rhythm than the actual note.

The second starts with a quick repeated hybrid picking lick. I use my middle and ring for the E and B strings and pick the D string. This is a very useful idea to fill space in long solos as you can move it around easily with the chord changes. The second half of the lick also uses hybrid picking with the fingers playing the top strings and the pick playing the lower string.

The third lick uses a concept that you can hear in a lot of modern country guitar solos. Brad Paisley is a player in particular that I hear using pull offs to open strings like this. This idea also uses hybrid picking with the middle finger taking the G string and the pick playing the lower notes.

The fourth lick uses all double stops and has almost a western swing type sound. It outlines the C7 chord tones (C-E-G-Bb) using two notes at a time.

The last lick is another eighth note line. This one is very straight forward and ends with a common bluegrass sounding ending line.

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