This guitar lesson will take you through two different ways to incorporate a walking bass line into your rhythm guitar playing. It is a very useful technique in both blues and jazz music especially when playing in duo situations.

When accompanying a singer or other lead instrument it can be difficult to create a full sounding backing by yourself. Using these two walking bass line rhythm guitar techniques is an easy way to fill out the sound.

The first chorus takes you through the most common approach to playing walking bass rhythm guitar. It combines a traditional walking blues bass line with simple guide tone chord accents.

In the video I play the example without a pick using my thumb to play all of the bass line notes on the E and A strings and my index and middle finger to play the chordal accents. You can also play this using hybrid picking with a pick and using your middle and ring finger instead to strike the chords.

The second chorus takes another quarter note bass line but this time harmonizes each note. This technique is something that is also more useful when playing music at slower tempos.

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